Wire Sales

CST is an authorised reseller of the full range of products manufactured by Corewire limited.

Corewire products are now offered under the Corewire, Weldclad and Forgeweld brands in recognition of the underlying technology and demands of clients industries.


Corewire branded products are designed for general hardfacing, repair and maintenance. The Corewire range of welding consumables includes low-alloy, tool steel, chrome carbide and complex carbide products. Corewire products are used extensively in the mining, quarrying, cement, agriculture and rail industries amongst others.



The Forgeweld range of welding consumables and machines are designed specifically for the repair and reclamation of dies, tools and auxiliary equipment used in the forging industry. The product range extends from low-alloy products for local repair of forging dies to nickel based materials for the repair of open-forging hammers



Weldclad is recognised as a world leader in the manufacture of submerged arc welding consumables for the cladding or rolls and associated components used in the steel and non-ferrous industries. The product range includes proprietary tool steels, and stainless steels designed to provide resistance to corrosion, wear and thermal fatigue.



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